Comprehensive, actionable metrics for SaaS leaders

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SaaSRadar supports data driven decision makers

With SaaSRadar, our proprietary benchmarking tool for financial and operational metrics, we make data-based recommendations that clear your path for growth.

SaaSRadar’s comprehensive charts, interfaces and SaaS expert insights help companies, founders and investors overcome challenges around siloed access to financial data, forecast and analytics.

SaaSRadar shows you which levers to pull to make impactful decisions

Clear View of Growth Diagnostics

We analyze both your revenue and cost data. We believe revenue-only assessment is not enough for accelerating your business.

Comparison with Relevant Peers

We compare you against peer groups with similar data to your company’s, giving you accurate benchmarking insights.

Personalized Readout

We give you Customized recommendations from top consultants that will clear your path for growth.

SaaSRadar for Investors

Investors need consistent SaaS frameworks, and metrics across portfolio companies, benchmarks that are relevant throughout multiple stages, and a data set that is statistically significant for startups.

SaaSRadar metrics and benchmarking tools help investors understand startups’ financial health, growth prospects and past performance, enabling them to see how and where the company is spending most of its money, how efficient its management is in creating profits and how positive the company’s future outlook is.

SaaSRadar for CMOs and CROs

CMOs need to deliver value, drive sales and improve customer experience. Our growth engine analytics helps CMOs and CROs know how effective their sales and marketing investment is on growth and uncover best in class allocation of resources.

SaaSRadar for CFOs

CFOs need to be able to articulate critical facts and provide a balanced view for the benefit of all stakeholders. SaaSRadar helps CFOs simplify the access to the rights data, thus better understand the company’s financial outlook.

Our data driven insights help better decision-making for generating growth, protecting profitability, creating more resilient finance functions, and managing capital.

SaaSRadar for CEOs

Startup CEOs are expected to be fully accountable for investments and returns, the risks and pitfalls, and how new growth aligns to their company’s goals.

SaaSRadar provides CEOs actionable insights and a clear point of view on 3 main aspects of acquisition, customer success and cash engines.

Get continuous access to McKinsey network

In order to accelerate your SaaS business, we give you insights born from your data from our top consultants. By engaging with us, we will open up doors to get access to our networks of experts, which will provide you continuous feedback as you implement the changes to your engines over time.

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Get Personalized Results. Your SaaSRadar report will compare you against only your relevant peers and helps you prioritize the levers most relevant to faster and more efficient growth.

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Try the live SaaSRadar demo to see the core features, experiment with your own data, or join a pilot to integrate your API.

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Product Value & Features

With SaaSRadar, our proprietary benchmarking tool for financial metrics, we compare you against relevant SaaS peers and make data-based recommendations that clear your path for growth.

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SaaSRadar for

Customer Success

As a start-up, there are many aspects of your business that may change along the way. SaaSRadar helps you fine tune your strategies to continuously expand relationships with customers.

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SaaSRadar for


With SaaSRadar – Enterprise edition, we compare your performance against other enterprise tech companies based on percentage of revenue from subscription.

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