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With SaaSRadar, our proprietary benchmarking tool for financial and operational metrics, we compare you against relevant SaaS peers and make data-based recommendations that clear your path for customer success.

We analyze all engines in order to give you a roadmap to accelerating your SaaS business. With SaaSRadar you’re able to look at the metrics holistically, your acquisition engine, customer success engine, and cash engine.

Acquisition Engine

We analyze both your revenue and cost data. We believe revenue-only assessment is not enough for accelerating your business

Customer Success Engine

We compare you against peer groups with similar company data

Cash Engine

We give you data-backed recommendations from top consultants that will clear your path for growth

Customer Success Engine

How well do you expand and retain existing customers?

As a start-up, there are many aspects about your business that may change along the way. As part of accelerating your business, SaaSRadar helps you fine tune your strategies to continuously expand relationships with customers.

Insights for customer success leaders

With SaaSRadar you can make data driven decisions and see where you need to focus your efforts.

Here is an example of SaaSRadar Customer success engine analysis which answers an important question on startups’ monetization of current customers.

Churn and revenue expansion with current customers

First by analyzing churn you are able to see how much incremental ARR you generate from existing customers, also your SaaSRadar report will compare you against your relevant peers. This will allow you to evaluate new ways to expand relationships with current clients.

Get a feel for SaaSRadar and see how you can create a cohort for your company

Benchmark Your Churn

Find untapped sources of growth from current customers

As the next step in order to get more detail, by looking at ARR growth metrics you will understand if your expansion revenue from current clients is high or low and see how you compare with your peers and most efficient growers.

Discover opportunities with SaaSRadar

By using SaaSRadar you can understand if you need to invest more time in customer success and expand your relationship with current clients.

Get continuous access to McKinsey network of experts

In order to accelerate your SaaS business, we give you insights born from your data from our top consultants. By engaging with us, we will open up doors to get access to our networks of experts, which will provide you continuous feedback as you implement the changes to your engines over time.


Try the live SaaSRadar demo to see the core features, experiment with your own data, or join a pilot to integrate your API.

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Product Values & Features

Our proprietary benchmarking tool for financial and operational metrics compares you against relevant SaaS peers and makes data-based recommendations that clear your path for growth.

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Acquisition Engine

As a start-up, there are many aspects of your business that may change along the way. SaaSRadar helps you increase customer value and streamline your business for growth efficiency.

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SaaSRadar for


With SaaSRadar – Enterprise edition, we compare your performance against other enterprise tech companies based on percentage of revenue from subscription.

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