A Real Eureka Moment

How our Fuel team helped an oil & gas software company launch into healthcare

Things were going just fine at a publicly-traded technology provider that created proprietary software to predict the flow of fluid inside pipes.   In addition to contracts with oil and gas companies, this company was also working with a high end sports car manufacturer to test and improve the world-famous efficiency of its engines. In short, the company had great technology that worked, respect in the oil, gas and automotive industries, and a solid revenue stream.  But sometimes changing the world can be as simple as asking the first “what if?”

The “Eureka!” moment for our client happened when one of its scientists suddenly asked, “What if — with the same accuracy that we can predict the flow of gasoline to the “heart” of a sports car — we could predict the behavior of blood flowing to the heart of a person?”

The client’s  CEO knew they needed rigorous analysis to test if they could succeed in healthcare.  The physicist with the original idea was the only employee who had previous experience in the health sector.  This market exploration was outside the expertise of a business embedded with gas corporations and automobile manufacturers.

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